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Brindiamo! Club Card Members will receive a surprise package of goodies from Brindiamo's supporters, such as a bottle of wine, oil, books, Brindiamo! DVDs, cooking classes, etc., as well as a membership card and a booklet that prominently identifies all participating restaurants and the restaurants' complimentary offers.

Individual membership costs $25.00 per year.

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The Brindiamo! Magazine is free of charge

The $4.95 is for shipping and handling


The Story of My 25 Years as Chef-Owner

Brindiamo! present the new book by Marcello Russodivito

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Brindiamo! Nights Hosted By Ornella Fado

Brindiamo! launched the first cooking- demo- dinner- night on Valentine's 2009 and the night has been a great success

Benvenuta Primavera -Welcome Spring has been an other great opportunity to cook, learn and enjoy dinner with new friends.

We are hosting a Brindiamo ! Night the first Friday of each month so stay tune to learn more about our next upcoming cooking- demo- dinner.

We always Brindiamo! and welcome our friends with great Prosecco (Italian champagne) and than chef Mark Twersky, (instructor at the French Culinary Institute ) talks about the menu` of the night and he will teach us how to make delicious recipes, from home made pasta to filet Mignon, to molten chocolate cake.

To make the night even more interesting we also do some ruffles between meals, and we donate great products, from Café Danesi, to Marcello's cooking's book, gift certificates from Lattanzi's restaurant, to Brindiamo!'s DVD and the adorable Soire` Decanter.

E mail us to participate.

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