Brindiamo! Club Card


Did you know that the Brindiamo Club Card is your opportunity to dine at all the finest Italian restaurants featured in the Brindiamo show?

By becoming a Club Card member, you will receive VIP service and meet the restaurateurs and chefs of your favorite participating Italian restaurants. Ask them about the secret ingredients and tasty recipes used in your favorite dishes. Each restaurant also will surprise you with a special treat.

As soon as you become a member of the Brindiamo! Club Card, you also will receive fantastic Brindiamo gifts, from "prestigioso" wine, to DVDs of your favorite Brindiamo episodes, to fun cooking classes, to a Brindiamo apron.

From now on, whether you are dining for business or pleasure, bring your Brindiamo Club Card to celebrate life with an Italian flavor.

You also will have an opportunity to win a trip to Italy!

So, let's Toast ... to the finest Italian restaurants in America and Italy, or, as we say in Italy, Brindiamo!

Individual Member Benefits

Brindiamo! Club Card Members will receive a surprise package of goodies from Brindiamo's supporters, such as a bottle of wine, oil, books, Brindiamo! DVDs, cooking classes, etc., as well as a membership card and a booklet that prominently identifies all participating restaurants and the restaurants' complimentary offers. Individual membership costs $25.00 per year.

E mail us to participate.
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